A guy’s guide to scoring on Adult Dating Sites

If you’re looking to explore the world of adult dating – and we strongly recommend that you do – we’d like to give you some tips on how to get the most out of the experience. In other words, we want to tell you how to get your dick sucked rather than just getting totally ignored.

There are many myths about adult dating as there are about dating in general. The first important lesson to learn is that girls on adult dating sites are still human and need to be treated as such. For some reason many guys seem to think, just because a girl expresses an interest in getting laid by someone who is not her long-term partner she is somehow a freak and should be treated like dirt. It’s a bit puzzling why guys don’t turn that logic on themselves, but generally they don’t.

Anyway, here you go. A few tips which we guarantee will make your online adult dating experience more likely to end in someone else’s bed rather than in a Kleenex.

  1.  Set up a decent profile with a picture. We fully understand that you feel you’re dipping your toe in the water and it should be cool to just fill in the bare minimum of personal info – after all you don’t want anyone to find out. And for browsing this is absolutely fine. We all do it. The thing is, once you get serious and want to actually meet some girls who are up for it, you need to up your game. Unless you’re Brad Pitt in which case you just put your picture up and there will be a queue of girls sucking your cock till it falls off. The simple fact is, if you’re going onto an adult site and browsing the sexy girls who put up their pics and write about themselves and, in return, you create a profile that says “Joe Smith, Single, Lives: My Town, About me: Sorry, Joe has not completed this part of his profile yet” you’re on a hiding to fucking nothing. Unless you’re Brad Pitt once again, which we presume you’re not. Or if you are, “Hi Brad, nice to see you on womendateonline.website, thanks for dropping by. How’s Angelina, she’s hot btw?” Anyway, the gist is, give and you shall receive. If the girls are putting themselves out there with lots of info etc, you need to do the same. If you don’t, they are just going to bang someone else. Simple as that.
  2. Number 2 follows neatly from number 1. Please, please, please don’t use a picture of your cock as your profile picture!!!! What the fuck planet do guys live on where they think this will be considered a turn on? Cocks, as a general rule, are not the most attractive things in the world. All guys have them and they come in very handy but if you think yours is your best feature then you really need to go and seek a career in porn. And we’re advised that’s not as easy as it sounds. Set up your profile with a picture or your face, or your body –just something that isn’t your cock! You can be a bit coy if you want to, and we can understand why you might, but at least play the game. Girls don’t fall for cocks – they fall for guys who happen to have them. If a girl just put up a picture of her pussy would you fancy her as much as if you could see her pretty face? Genitals are genitals, plain and simple. Put up a picture of yourself and create a profile which sells your best attributes. This is a competitive business and you need to stack the odds in your favour!
  3. This leads once again neatly onto the next point. Whatever anyone says, there will always be more guys on adult dating sites than girls. It’s just the nature of the beast. That’s not to say there aren’t lots of girls and women on these sites because there are, it’s just to point out that they will ALWAYS be outnumbered, so you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Have you ever been to a pub and spotted a really hot girl and thought to yourself “There’s no competition for this girl, I can see I’m the only one interested”. We thought not. Wherever there are hot girls, there are guys. Whether it’s at work, in a pub, in a nightclub or on a dating site guys will be there like flies around shit (sadly). Get used to it and behave accordingly. There are plenty of girls who will fuck any guy, regardless of looks and behaviour (to a point), but they’re called hookers and that’s not what we’re all about here. You need to have a strategy for success the same way you would if you’re trying to pull a girl anywhere – the difference here is that you know you can skip the coffee and go straight to dessert! And that doesn’t mean you need to be the most handsome guy or the most charming, it just means you need present yourself in a way that will make girls want to fuck you. Once you master that you’ll be knee deep in snatch (not literally of course – that would probably require hospital treatment and possibly a custodial sentence). And onto step 4, which to be honest, is very similar to step 3 but slightly more important.
  4. Don’t be rude or aggressive, EVER!!!!  As we said previously guys will always outnumber girls on these sites – that’s just a fact of life. Deal with it or give up and go and have a wank. Girls will always get a lot of messages and they screen them EXACTLY the same way you screen the girls you want to meet. Exactly! They will scan their inboxes and prioritise the messages from guys who they like the sound of. Then they will check their profiles (see points 1 and 2 above). Then they will reply accordingly. If a girl doesn’t reply to your message it could be she’s busy, or inundated with messages, or she just didn’t like the look of your scrappy half-finished profile, or you live 300 miles away, or you’re old enough to be her grandfather, or whatever. If she said she’s looking to meet guys in their twenties and you’re in your seventies, sorry but she’s going to ignore you. You need to use a bit of common sense… and a lot of common courtesy. So, let’s say a girl doesn’t reply to you but you’ve paid a few quid for your membership and you think she damn well should! We’re here to tell that that does not give you the right to start sending her abusive messages, EVER! You would be amazed how many guys fall into this trap and fuck up their chances of ever getting lucky as a result. If a girl doesn’t reply, maybe it’s because she’s working her way through her messages and will get to you in due course. If you’re really keen send another polite message (having checked you haven’t fallen foul of points 1 & 2). Once you’ve sent 3 or 4 messages without success, maybe you have to assume that this one isn’t for you, no hard feelings, and move on. There are 1000’s of girls on these sites and not everyone is going to be right for you. If you don’t have a thick enough skin to deal with that then you really shouldn’t sign up in the first place. Adult dating sites are not completely unlike the real world. You won’t score every time and you need to put some effort in in order to ensure you get what want out of the experience. Just remember the girls are human too and they want to have fun, not read abusive emails from guys who really should know better.