Are you ready To Get Laid Tonight?

Tonight like every other night, I went to bed thinking how great it would be to get laid tonight.  Just like every other night it was just a notion in my head.  When I woke up the following day, I finally realized that it was about time I stop dreaming about things and get in the game.  This type of encounter could help me out in so many ways.

Are you ready To Get Laid Tonight?

Starting off, I knew that there had to be people out there like me that wanted to get involved in this type of lifestyle.  Not everyone looks for the married life with all that comes with it – home, and a white picket fence.  Some people just want the hard nose lifestyle of getting laid with no attractions on regrets.  This is what I sought after so desperately.  After running across, I knew that I was headed in right direction to get laid tonight.  While I knew that there was a high demand for people out there searching for a no strings attached engagement, I had no idea that there were so many.  This was great for me being located in the UK.   I literally had access to tons of babes that I would never be able to meet on a given night.

So, not only was my confidence at an all time high because I had people that I could meet from my area, but I was ready to get laid tonight.  Once I met my first partner, I thought this was just too easy.  That was just the doubt in me taking over.  Surprisingly, everything that I wanted to happen occurred and there was no remorse in the end.  To get a bit more specific, we met at a night club in the centre of the city.  We went to a local bar and had a few rounds before heading off to a nearby hotel and forging a night that we would not forget.

The next morning, there were no awkward stares or glances.  We had a passionate kiss, and we both went our separate ways.  I was so happy that this babe was the one to crush my Internet dating virginity.  She gave me the confidence to get right back out there and go ahead with round two. Of course I did and I haven’t looked back in the process. 

I’ve never been more satisfied with my dating/sexual life.  I have everything that I need right in front of me and it feels great not to have gone above and beyond in order to get attention from the opposite sex.  What makes the situation even better is now that I have all of this free time, it leads to meeting more people and forging new adventures that I will always remember.  As well, it is done on my time.  I never have to worry about meeting anyone else’s demands or requests.  If I have the time, than I play.  If I don’t, then I hope to catch you next time.