Calling all UK Swingers!

Are you part of the UK swingers scene? Or are you curious to get involved? Whether you’re single or part of a couple getting involved in the swinging scene can be a big step but it can also be incredibly exciting and rewarding if you’re careful to always respect the wishes of your partners and potential partners.

So how best to proceed? And how can a site like this help? We’ll do our best to outline the best way to go about exploring the UK swingers scene below.

Firstly you need to decide the type of encounters you’re looking for. Do you want to just test the water by maybe trying out a tentative meet with another couple or do you want to go the whole hog and get involved in a huge gangbang? Obviously this is down to you and your tastes and desires. Most people tend to take it slowly at first then build up to the more full-on swinging experiences.

Let’s say you’re a single guy or girl and you fancy dipping your toe in the water. First, we would recommend signing up on a site like fucktonight and browsing all the couples looking for swinging meets. You’ll find loads on this site although what they are looking for will vary. Many couples will have no interest in single guys but will be looking for straight or bi girls to join their sex sessions. Many couples will be looking for other couples so they can both swap partners rather than just adding one additional person into the mix. The trick is to browse all the profiles that fit the bill within the radius that you are prepared to travel. That’s the great thing about this site is that you can browse ALL profiles for free before you commit to upgrading your membership and starting to meet people.

So the first thing to do is browse lots of profiles to get a feel for what people are looking for. You’ll find lots of variety. There will be plenty of guys who get turned on by watching a stranger fuck their wives. If you’re a single guy this might be just what you are looking for. No commitment sex with a stranger (admittedly with hubby watching). Would this put you off your stride or would it turn you on all the more? Only you know the answer to that and maybe you need to try it to find out.

If you’re a single girl do you get turned on by the idea of being with another couple, or another girl in particular? Many girls are bi-curious and this can be a great way to find out if same-sex fun is really for you, or if it turns out you’re actually much happier with a cock. Whatever happens, you can be sure it will be fun finding out.

If you’re a couple you may well be looking for like-minded couples to try out your first swinging experience. Obviously there can be pitfalls so you need to be very confident in your relationship and yourself or wife-swapping can lead to jealously and mistrust developing in your relationship. You need to be sure that you and your partner can handle this. Some people find it easy, some don’t. If you’re a guy will it bother you to watch another man fuck your wife? Or to watch her sucking another guy’s cock, maybe taking his cum in her mouth? All these things can cause jealous reactions so be careful.

If you’re a woman will watching your husband or partner fuck another girl drive you wild with passion or rage? Does she have a smaller bum? Will he end up just wanting to fuck her and not you? Is she better in bed than you? All these niggling doubts can eat away at you unless you are mentally prepared and sure you’re confident of the outcome. We’re not trying to put you off by the way, far from it. We just want to make sure when you try swinging, you get the most out of it.

So here is our checklist

1.       Join for free using the link above then search and browse as many local swingers profiles as you can to get an idea of what other singles and couples are looking for. Don’t waste your time contacting a couple who say they are looking for a girl to join them if you’re a guy. People tend to be pretty clear about what they want.

2.       Once you’ve got a good idea what other people are looking for decide what works for you depending on your situation. Decide if you’re looking to join singles or couples, cuckolds or whatever.

3.       Once you know what you want and you’re sure there are like-minded people who fit the bill on upgrade your membership (you can get a trial membership of only £3) and start contacting people.

4.       Always be polite and respectful and tell them about yourself and what you’re looking for. And be sure to complete your profile as fully as possible with pictures as many UK swingers won’t give you a second look if you don’t.

5.       Hopefully then you’ll start to receive some replies and you can start to plan your first swinger meets. Please remember to always use protection when playing with new partners.

Don’t forget on fuck tonight we also have state-of-the-art video webcam chat facilities which enable you to chat to future swing partners live on cam. There’s nothing like live video to break the ice and get an idea of what people are really like. Also, you never know, they might just get down and dirty and put on a free show for you. This is a fantastic way to enjoy some horny fun and can lead to a lot more…

So there you have it. Far from an exhaustive list of information but hopefully this will give you some things to think about. When you’re ready, sign up using the link above, and start doing your research. Remember, you can browse all our profiles for free with no commitment whatsoever. If you don’t find anyone local or anyone you like the look of you’ve lost nothing but a few minutes of your time.

Sign up today and begin your swinging journey!