Easy Girls Like Never Before

I’ve always been pretty up beat and in the game when it came to dating and having a social life. The opposite sex is something that I felt like I had a pretty keen grasp on. After a streak of hitting so many home runs I was do for a slump, and it arrived with a bang. I’d been out on a date and I used one of my one liners like, “Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day?” There wasn’t even a smile or any kind of sign that would provide with an indication that I was making progress. By the end of the night I was just as ready to end the date as she was. I felt like I needed to go back home and analyze game film like an athlete that just played in a contest. We parted ways never too see each other again. 

So began the dreaded slump for me. I was so desperate at this point that I was willing to do anything in order to break the streak. I went out to the park in order to try and mingle with the motherly crowd. I must have had smack written across my chest because they didn’t budge. I took my talents to the gym so that I could blow off some steam and check out the babes as well. This proved not to as rewarding as I thought because everyone was focused on their task at hand. Leaving the gym, I ended up staring at this amazing babe who gave me a smile that could melt the sun. After so much doubt, I didn’t even go after her. 

Now, my biggest task in life was trying to find a way to break this slump. I knew that there had to be a way for me to pick up easy girls that would give me my mojo back. So what transpired was something out of the ordinary but much needed. On the way home from the store, I saw a billboard that shined like it was a message from heaven. It gave me the idea to go home and search on the Internet. Once I walked through the door, I was a man on a mission. I knew that finding easy girls was not out of my grasp. So, I decided to get up and get searching. 0nce I made my move, this proved to be the best possible scenario for me. 

For once in my life, I had tons of easy girls that were right in front of me. This meant that I didn’t have to go out and search for cuties to meet and flirt with. I truly enjoyed finding people that I knew were interested in dating. There’s nothing worse than spending time on someone when they have no real plans of dating you. Overall, this proved to be the touchdown that I needed to get back in the game, and I haven’t looked back since.