Game to collect Female Adult Singles Phone Nos

I was always a type of a guy that would get exactly what I wanted. The problem is that I was usually hanging out with guys that were exactly the same as me. We were always competing as to who had better looking girls, who was better dressed, who had a better job, and stuff like that. Anyway we had a competition where the main goal was to get phone numbers from different girls. The only rule was that we don’t fake numbers and that it has to be a real deal. In order to check it, we would take random number and call the girls so we could check no one was cheating. 

First, I started going out to the bars and clubs in order to find some female adult singles and get their numbers. I never thought that it would be so hard to get a girl’s number when you actually need it. In one weekend I was able to get only two phone numbers and I felt like it was a direct hit on my manhood. Girls would rather have sex with you than to give you their phone number. That’s the way it seems anyway. 

That is why I decided to do something that might not be fair, but no one said that weren’t allowed to do it. I decided to use the Internet and find some dating sites where I can get those much-needed phone numbers. It wasn’t just that I wanted to prove myself in front of them, but I also wanted to prove to myself that I was still in the game. Okay, maybe I did want to prove to them that I’m the alpha male, but you understand me, right? 

So, back to my story – I started browsing through adult singles and searching for some hot ladies. Our agreement was to call random numbers that we collected and meet up with the girls. Basically we wanted to check if they were real and, if they were, how hot they were on a scale from one to ten. That‘s why I wanted all of my girls to be jaw-droppingly gorgeous so the guys would be even more jealous. 

While I was chatting with them and exchanging numbers something unexpected happened. A very attractive woman asked me about meeting up in a hotel room for a night of pleasure. At first, I wasn’t really into it, because I came there to collect phone numbers, but then I said why not? All I can say is that it was one really memorable night and that site is going to see a lot more of me, from now on.

At the end of our competition, of course I won and the rest of the guys were devastated. I had twenty per cent more than the guy who got the second place and that really shocked them. I never told them that I used websites to meet female adult singles and get those numbers but frankly that isn’t information that they need to know J