Here’s the Best Way to Get a Casual Relationship

Living in the UK, it is hard to come across a person that understands what it means to be in a casual relationship.  Most people here believe in being monogamous and nothing more.  Personally, I love having the ability to be with whomever I want whenever I decide.  I think that variety is something that keeps my social life entertaining and dynamic.  Without it, I would literally be living a married life without any of the benefits.

So, I decided to do a project where I would test the benefits of the dating world, traditional vs casual dating.  I decided that I would sign up at and compare it to what I could get via normal dating methods.  Let the games begins! When I initially went online, I had no idea what to expect.  Everyone has some kind of horror story about online dating whether it is never meeting anyone to meeting people that are not in your area.  I must say that I was able to dispel a lot of rumours by giving it a shot.  I was able to find tons of people that live near me and wanted the same kind of encounter also.  On the flip side, I decided to go out to a bar and scope all of the hot babes in the playing field.  After flirting and giving the best lines that I had to offer, I came up with two numbers but not a one night stand.  So, in this round, I would have to give it the online option.

Next, I decided to compare ease of communication.  I mean I figured that most people like to show that really good side until they feel comfortable and I wondered how that worked for the online world as well.  After communicating with people online, it felt pretty easy just being myself.  They type of casual encounter that we were looking for did not require me to put on a facade.  This was pretty comparable to the real life alternative.  The two ladies that I met at the bar were very similar to what I remember and that made this a hard round to judge.  In the end, I had to end up giving it a draw.

The final round came down to me comparing the end result.  I set up a date with the two babes that I had met in real life and the more we talked, the more I realized that we were not on the same wavelength.  These babes wanted to know about getting married and how I felt about settling down etc.  I was almost ready to get up and walk out on both dates right at that moment.  I ended up setting up a date with a woman that I met online.  We decided to meet in the lobby of a hotel room.  We talked for a second and then ordered some drinks.  Then, we took the party to our room.  When I woke up, she wasn’t even there.  She left me a not with her number and a note, “P.S.: Had a blast”.  This round goes to online dating by a landslide.

So for me, it was pretty clear cut who the winner was.  While both methods provide a ton of advantages, this new method just opens up doors previously unexplored.