How I Discovered the Benefits of No Strings Dating

I never thought that my High School sweetheart and I were going to break up. Our wedding was all set up when I found that that she had had an affair with one of my friends. At first, I couldn’t believe that both of them were capable of doing such a sneaky and underhand thing, but then, when I started thinking about it, it all started to make sense. All those fights they had and all those looks that they exchanged actually meant something. I just couldn’t get over it, so I decided to put a definitive end to that part of my life.

For a long time I was trying to ease my pain by consuming alcohol but that didn’t take me anywhere. Then, my friends wanted to help me out a bit, so they suggested setting me up on a blind date. To be perfectly honest I didn’t have anything better to do so I said yes. That was a huge mistake, because I definitely wasn’t ready to get into another relationship. So I thanked my friend for his best intentions and decided to try no strings dating instead. Since the only way I could try it was via Internet, I had no other choice than to go for it. I did a search and found a website,, and started arranging my first dates. 

All I can say is that this type of dating was just the tonic I needed to forget about my cheating bitch of a fiancé. After few months I felt like a new and improved man. Having sex with hot girls who prefer ‘dirty talk’ to ‘small talk’ was amazing. My confidence which was torn apart is now hitting the roof. I can finally walk with my head held high because I managed to break out of a spiral that could have potentially ruined my life. 

No strings dating helped me realize how many things I’d been missing out in my life and showed me that there are so many things that I need to explore. Another benefit of this type of dating is that there are no emotional attachments involved. I would meet up with someone, spend some passionate time with them and just go home without any kind of obligation. I didn’t have to worry about her feelings, I didn’t have to watch her cry or be there when she needs my help and it felt awesome. I felt like I entered a completely new and amazing world of lust and pleasure.

Anytime I felt like I wanted to be with someone, I would just make a call and get exactly what I craved. No strings attached dating became my thing! Since I wasn’t a part of it before I figured that the next time I decide to put a ring on someone’s finger it’s going to be after I fulfil all of my fantasies. I want to be sure that, the next time I consider marriage, both of us will have got all of our sexual experimentation out of ours systems and are truly ready to settle down.