Office Dude still Looking for Sex Tonight

Ever since my first year at college I was one of the popular students and I never had problems meeting up with girls and arranging one night stands. I would be in the bar and girls would just approach to me with a line: “Are you looking for sex tonight?” I guess that I had that unique charm that would bring me success with the girls.  The moment I finished college, everything became much more complicated. It was becoming harder and harder for me to find someone. I was always spending my days in the office, lost my hair and every single spark of magic that I had for the ladies.

Then, I started going to striptease bars and even paying for sexual encounters, but then I realized that it’s pointless. I would get the needed satisfaction, but five minutes later I would feel pathetic. Even though I had a major success at my law firm, I started feeling really depressed about my love life.  I would go on blind dates that my friends would set me up with, but all of those dates were a complete disaster. I went on more than twenty dates and I didn’t hear anything similar to “Are you looking for sex tonight?” It’s not like I didn’t care about their feelings or about their cats and dogs and whatever they said they had, I just wanted to get lucky, if you know what I mean. 

I started going to the bars and night clubs, but that was a disaster as well! I would end up going home alone. I spent a lot of money on the drinks and wasted the time that I usually spend sleeping. I needed something that would bring back my confidence and end up the agony that I was going through. When I least expected it, my friend told me about a website where I could arrange one night stands and even start friendships with benefits. That was an amazing idea and I couldn’t imagine why I hadn’t thought of it before. 

Suddenly, a lot of different scenarios went through my mind. As soon as I got home I sat in front of my computer and started looking for some websites that would fit the bill. The one I found was really amazing and that very first night I got bunch of sex invites. I started laughing out of joy, because I never thought that it would happen to me again. It was something that I had waited for for so long and I was now so close to getting it.

The first date that I went on, I met up with a nice girl but everything started out a bit awkward. I heard her talking about her cats and about things that she likes doing and the moment she saw me bored, she asked that magical question: “Are you looking for sex tonight?” She just said she was joking around when she started talking about her life. We went to my place and the rest is history…