Should Sex Happen on the First Date?

It’s a long-standing debate about sex on the first date. Some people insist that this phenomenon should never happen, while others support it and would love to have a one-night stand.

You might be tempted to try to have sex with someone for the first time. First, you should remember that sex should only be between consenting adults. Here, consent is the key word.

Consider porn stars as an example. Many of them have sex with each other every day. They choose to have sex as part of their job. This is because once everyone wants to participate, there is no hard and fast rule about when it’s okay to have sex.

You can choose to break the 90-day rule. You can also choose to have the steamy, hot fun the first time you meet someone. You should not try to do it based on what other people say. Stick to your beliefs and do not change them.

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