The benefits of Casual Sex Dates

Before starting any kind of a relationship, I always evaluate the pros and cons of it, because I didn’t want to make a mistake and enter into something without any real benefits for me. I did the same thing when my friends suggested me to try out some casual sex dates after my boyfriend dumped me. If I can see myself involved in something like that, I would just do it. So here is what I have worked out so far.

The first reason why this type of dating would be good for me is because there are no strings attached. The last thing I need right now is to start a new relationship, when I still haven’t recovered from the last one. Since I’m emotionally unavailable the best thing for me would be to just loosen up and enjoy something that doesn’t carry any obligations. So reason number one is totally justified and it’s a go.

Another reason why I should do it is because, whenever I feel like I want to have sex with someone, I can just make a call and spend some passionate time with a guy that will feed my sexual hunger. Oh and talking. Communication is essential in the casual dating thing. If I tell the guy what I want he will be able to please me exactly the way I want it. Even before meeting up with a bloke I can chat about my fantasies and things I like doing and, if that matches his wishes, we can make it happen. So, reason number two works for me as well. 

Another benefit of casual dating sites is that, no matter what time of day or night I want to arrange them, there is always someone who will be in the mood to come and fuck me.  Plus, I don’t have to stick to only one guy. If I want to be with five guys, and I’m not saying that it’s what I want, I can do it. 

One more advantage is it will boost my ego. With every encounter that I have, I feel more confident in my sexuality, which is, let’s face, it extremely important. When a woman loses her confidence it’s extremely difficult to get it back. These kinds of things really help to make you feel wanted and desired. I’m saying this because I feel like I had lost my confidence but now its come flooding back. 

So, all things considered, I came to the conclusion that I’m the one holding all the cards. I get a chance to choose with whom and if I want to have sex.  Also, there is the opportunity to have sexual encounters with as many guys as I want. There are no strings attached and I don’t have to worry about anyone’s feelings. Especially mine, because I currently don’t have any. Anything that I want can be accomplished, so the question is what am I waiting for? I think it’s time for me to start setting up casual sex dates with some hot studs.