The best way to meet casual sex partners

Everyone wants it but not everyone is getting it, are you one of the lucky ones?

Not everyone will admit it, but the vast majority of us think about sex a lot. And, ideally, when we’re not thinking about it, we’d like to be doing it. According to neuropsychiatrist Dr. Louann Brizendine, author of ‘The Female Brain’, men think about sex every 52 seconds, while women tend to think of it just once a day. We think she’s right about the former but way off the mark on the latter.

It’s true that not all women think about sex all day long, but there are plenty who think about it a lot – and those are obviously the ones you want to meet! So how do you meet girls who are looking for casual sex rather than those who want to take you home to meet their Mum for a nice cup of tea. This has always been pretty tricky given traditional ways of meeting girls.

You could spend months flirting with the hottie at work only to find out she’s actually got a steady boyfriend. Or when you go out to a club, how do you know if the girls you try to chat up are going to be interested or are just looking to dance all night and get wrecked on Bacardi Breezers (selfish!). It can be massively frustrating when all you want to do is get some casual sex asap and you spend all your time talking!

So that is where adult dating sites like this come into their own. Since the birth of the internet guys have had a totally new way of connecting with like-minded girls. As you’re probably aware, there are thousands of dating sites out there boasting millions of members. Most are packed with normal people who are looking for love and to settle down with 2.5 sprogs and a cat. But that’s not you, is it?

You’re looking to put so many notches in your bedpost that you have to buy a new bed because of bed post instability. And you’re not alone, there are loads of girls out there who think just like you. They want to go out, have a few drinks, then have casual sex with a stranger they’ll probably never see again.

But how do you meet these free-spirited hotties and show them what you have to offer in the casual fuckbuddy department? A very good question for which we have a very good answer.

You sign up to an adult dating site like this one! In fact not ‘like’ this one, just sign up to this one.

What’s the difference with adult dating sites? Basically it’s the way people communicate what they want to get out of the site. If you browse the profiles on or eharmony you’ll see loads of nice girls looking for nice guys. That’s really not you is it? You want to fuck and run – ideally with your clothes on out of the front door but, if necessary, out of the upstairs window naked when her husband comes home!

When you browse the profiles on fucktonight you’ll see some major differences to regular dating sites. When you look at the profiles on a regular dating site the girls won’t tell you whether or not they like anal sex, whether they like to be spanked while wearing a nurse’s uniform or maybe enjoy a spot of dogging of a weekend down the Morrison’s car park. And this kind of information is vital to guys like you. This tells you she’s bang up for it so all you have to convince her of is that you are the guy she needs to fuck tonight! (you see, that’s where the name came from).

So that’s it in nutshell. The reason adult dating sites are much better than regular dating sites for guys like you who have the horn permanently and will fuck anything with a heartbeat.

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