Top 5 Questions To Ask Before The Relationship Gets Serious

Dating is about having fun and meeting new people that you have similar interests. Some people tend to rush into serious relationships and then the relationship falls about because certain topics were never spoken about in the first place. There are people who have commitment issues and you need to make sure that you are not jumping into a relationship with one. There are some topics and questions that should be discussed prior to sharing your life with someone.

Here are the Top 5 Questions To Ask Before The Relationship Gets Serious:

1. Commitment: What does it mean to this person? Have they been in long term relationship before? You need to find out if this person has any commitment issues or if they don’t have a full understanding in what it is like to be in a committed relationship.

2. Faith: What does this person believe in? Are they a Christian, Catholic, Atheist, etc? If this person’s faith is different from yours, how will it affect you and the would be relationship? A difference in faith isn’t always a deal breaker for most soon to be couples, but if the religions are extremely different this could develop huge issues in the relationship. For instance, the relationship develops and you are a Christian and he is a Jovah witness; later on you both get married and have kids. You want to raise your children under the Christian faith and he wants to raise them under the Jovah witness faith. What do you both do now?

3. Cheating: Has the person ever cheated in any past relationships? What does this person consider as cheating? Is flirting with another person of the opposite considered cheating? People have different views and ideas on what cheating is. You both should make it clear what you consider cheating to be. Later on there will be no confusion or “I didn’t know that was considered cheating” excuses.

4. Marriage: You don’t have to discuss when you want to get married, but you need to know if the person you are interested in wants to get married someday as well. What if you spend a year and a half in a serious relationship just for the other person to tell you that they don’t believe in marriage or they don’t want to ever get married because of what he or she saw their parent’s relationship crumbled.

5. Sex: There is no question that you already know that you both enjoy sex with one another, but is he or she ready to try different ways to spice up the sex life if it gets dull in the future? Will he or she be comfortable discussing about sex and the ways to improve it. Sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship, but it is pretty high up there.

Of course there are going to be other questions you will want to ask about before it gets serious and while it is getting serious. Be confident in the bond you both with develop and always treat each other great. Some people feel that they might feel trapped or they can’t be themselves once in a committed relationship, but this isn’t true. You shouldn’t have to change yourself for someone who can’t see how amazing you are already. Remember there will be some bumpy roads during the relationship, but that is very normal and common.