5 Signs a Girl Wants to Fuck You Over Text Msgs

It’s exciting to text a girl. You don’t know if she is into you or where it will lead. You probably have an inkling that she is at least interested in casual sex. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be messaging you!

This stage is very delicate. If you want to have sex tonight you need to be careful. But not too strong that you scare her off. There’s always the possibility that she just wants to chat or that she is looking for long-term commitment. In that case, you should be careful about what signals you send!

How do you tell if a girl is interested in sleeping with you? How can you increase your chances of getting sex tonight? Let’s look at some tips and see how we can best play this.

She responds immediately

There is a good chance that a girl will want to be your girlfriend. It’s important to wait before she responds to you to ensure that she doesn’t seem “too keen”. If she wants to be your fuckbuddy, things can change. Things can change if a girl is only looking for a one-night stand.

The thing is that guys who are interested in hooking up don’t care if a girl seems too eager. Because men are super eager. This is something girls know. If she replies to you right away, and it doesn’t sound bunny-boilerish or sexy, chances are she is game. She might be looking for serious fun.

She Flirts… Hard

There are two types of flirting: flirting and flirting. Flirting is when a girl gently teases you and compliments you in a casual way. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean she is interested in sleeping with you.

However, a girl who says she is excited to meet you will be a different kind of flirting. This is a completely different type of flirting.

A girl who flirts with a lot of winky faces or is open to physical contact will almost always be flirtatious. Girls who don’t want to have a one-night stand with a winky face would be better off not using it. This face is very promiscuous. 😉

She doesn’t mind your advances

What’s your strategy? You will message her about the weather, her favorite bands, and until she says she doesn’t wear any underwear.

This is a terrible strategy. You should instead initiate flirtation. You’ll either quickly get some back or she will ignore your innuendo. Or she may not reply at all.

Talk about her body and be a bit more forward. You can see if she responds or just shrugs.

She is clearly not very into you

She might be asking about your family or career goals, but she may not be interested in fucking now, but finding a partner. You have a better chance if she doesn’t seem to be all that into you. If she begins talking about other men, then it’s possible that she is:

  • I’m trying to make you jealous
  • She is trying to prove how popular she really is with the guys

This is a positive sign.

Ask her, and she will answer you.

But you know what? We must stop playing games! Ask a girl if she wants to share your bed.

You don’t lose anything if she tells you no. You can now go into the night knowing exactly what to expect and anticipating with excitement.

My closing comments on reading into her texts

Many of us feel a gut feeling about whether a girl is interested in sex tonight, even if it’s via SMS. Problem is, many of us get too caught up in our own thoughts and overthink it.

What do you know? You can be sure she is up for it if you believe so. You should remember that you cannot know the future and she can always change her mind. Don’t expect anything from a date.

It’s great to go on a date with a hot girl. It can even turn into a one-night stand! You at least know what it will be.