Looking to make love [or fuck] to the best music?

Music can have a profound effect on how we feel, act and experience emotions.

It’s not surprising that movies play certain types of music before certain scenes (scary scenes or romantic scenes, etc.). There’s a reason we are immediately flooded with memories, very specific memories, the second we hear a song that truly connects with us on an emotional level.

Music can also take sex to the next stage.

Perhaps you are looking for something more romantic to increase the passion with your sex friend, or perhaps you want something more primal to listen to when things get really heated between you and your fuckfriend.

We have highlighted some of our favorite music for the bedroom (or wherever you and your sex buddy meet up) to raise the temperature.

Romantic Tunes

These songs are not the type of songs that you would want to use to meet up with a friend for a quickie. However, they might be the songs you want when you are looking to celebrate a romantic anniversary or a romantic holiday.

Spotify reveals that the most loved romantic sex songs of 2018 were:

  • Justin Bieber: Love Yourself
  • John Legend: All of Me
  • Photo by Ed Sheeran
  • Justin Timberlake: Not a bad thing
  • Pony by Ginuwine
  • Bob Marley: Could You Love Me?

If you are looking for something slower, more classical, and more romantic, then you can’t go wrong listening to Let’s Get It On, Marvin Gaye, or any other Sam Cooke song.

Actually, most of the R&B classics, as well as anything by old-school crooners Sinatra or Dean Martin, will likely fall under the romantic sex songs category.

Songs for hookup

However, not everyone wants to put on scented candles and turn the lights down to reenact scenes in Ghosts every time that they spit.

These songs might be a good choice if you and your fuck friends just want to get down to business but still need some background music to help set the mood.

  • Bryson Tiller is not to be trusted
  • Marvin’s Room by Drake
  • The Weeknd Morning
  • Crew Love by Drake
  • Sorry, Rick Ross
  • Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar

These songs will bring a lot of energy to your horizontal hoedown. They all have underlying beats that pick up the pace so you can set your own rhythm.

These songs will be a great playlist to have on hand for your next sex friend who is coming over for a hookup. It won’t take long before you two start to get into a good groove.

It’s worth it

If you really want to kick things up and get primal action flowing – where you don’t even think about anything but respond to the music and your body – then there are some songs that will send you and your partner over the edge almost instantly.

Songs like:

  • Nine Inch Nails are Closer
  • Cola by Lana Del Ray
  • Monnage Daydream by David Bowie
  • Lady Gaga’s Sexx Dreams
  • INXS – Need You Tonight
  • Earned it by The Weeknd
  • Enter Sandman by Metallica

In the End

The whole point of choosing music to have sex is to set the mood, tone and create the atmosphere you want with your sex partner.

You might want to be careful about what music you play in the background, since music has such power in setting the mood and energy level. However, the hard truth is that most people would rather have The Weather Channel playing in the background.

While the songs we have highlighted will certainly help, it really comes down to how close you feel to the person you are sleeping with.

This will help you stay sane the next time your fuck buddy is passing by.