How to get a friend with benefits [8 tactics]

We all desire a friend who offers benefits at some point in our lives. Perhaps we aren’t ready to be in a relationship yet or too busy with school, work, and other things. However, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be able to have a non-strings attached relationship. Sometimes it is nice to be able to sleep with someone you love without having to commit.

You might be wondering how someone can get into an fwb situation if they have never been there before. You can’t just ask someone to have sex with you in the grocery shop. You don’t have to force someone to be your sex partner. We have listed the top 8 ways to approach a potential sex buddy and how you can find the right person.

1. Approach an acquaintance

Sometimes, the best things are right in front of us. This could be someone you’ve been in a relationship with for a while or someone you feel an attraction to. You should not approach someone you are close to, such as a brother or sister of a friend, a colleague, or someone from your close friend circle. You’ll need to continue seeing them if you have feelings but it doesn’t work out.

A friend who you don’t know too well and is open-minded will make the best fwb friends. When you approach someone, be open and honest about your desire for casual sex. Set some ground rules. For example, if you feel the other is having feelings, be open about it. Because you feel at ease with these guys, they can make the best sex friends.

2. Use online dating

Online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge are often the best way to find a fuck friend. This is the best way to approach it. Be direct but not overly formal. In your bio, state that you aren’t looking for anything serious and that you simply want to have some fun. Once you have met someone, you should get to know them before you suggest friendship with benefits. You won’t be too pushy or scare someone.

3. Ask an ex-one night stand.

It’s much easier to ask someone you have had sex before to be your fuck friend than it is to ask someone new. You can simply text them or call them to say that you enjoyed sex with them in the past and that you would like to do it again. You can see how they respond and, if positive, you can go in more detail about your needs and let them know that you are looking for a casual relationship.

4. Increase your social circle

It is the best way to make friends with fwbs. Invite your friends to join you at a party or invite them to host a party. Next, meet and talk with new people. After you have met and feigned with someone, you can let them know that you are looking for a sex friend. You can even go to bed with them, if they are open to it. It could turn out to be an incredible fwb relationship!

5. Connect with an ex

Perhaps there is someone you were friends with before you split up. It might be worth trying to keep sex with the other person, as long as you both know you no longer have feelings. You should wait until the relationship has been over six months since the breakup to start thinking about hooking up. Next, ask them if you would like to have a fwb relationship. You don’t want to get back together, but that you are just looking for a casual fuck friend.

6. Through a hobby, meet someone

Do you have a long-held desire to learn knitting or rock climbing? You can find a club near you where you can sign up for something new. This will allow you to meet new people and discover someone who shares your interests. You can then make friends and find out if they are open to a fwb relationship. Do not be too assertive, but first get to know them and then you can see if they are single and available to be your sex friend.

7. Clubbing or drinking at a bar?

You can go with your friends to meet singles at a club or bar. Even though this may end in a one-night stand, you can ask them if you want to continue the conversation and become your fwb. When you first meet someone, mention that you are looking for something casual and then go from there.

8. Ask your friends for help

Your best option is to ask friends to help you set up. You are likely to know a lot of single people who would be interested in you. They also know you better than anyone. They will help you find someone who is as open-minded and curious as you are. Be sure to confide only in discreet friends so that they can suggest people you might like to meet and become friends with. You can then mention that you are looking for a sex friend.