Is Your Fuckbuddy Now a Girlfriend? [Here Are The Tells]

When you stop to think about it, the relationship you have your fuckbuddy with is one of your most important. Is there any other context that combines one of your most intimate acts with one the most personal?

Although you may see each other naked and share passionate moments, once the affair is over, you are nothing to one another. You can’t date, have deep conversations, get to know each other better and even play house together.

All of these are typical fuck buddies relationships. However, sometimes things can get a little more complicated. As the dissociated person dynamic shifts, suddenly, some aspects of a normal romantic relationship begin to creep in. Was she your girlfriend? Here’s how to tell.

The Time Span

What length of time have you been fuck friends? Although there is no time limit for such a relationship it usually lasts for a few months. This is because of one simple reason. You don’t have a real relationship so you can’t be attached to anyone. It’s all about the sex. If there is nothing else, it’s easy to get bored quickly of the same person.

If you’ve been with her for several months and still feel a connection, it could be something intangible. Although you may think it’s because of the hot and steamy sex, the truth is that your FWB days have ended.

Hanging out

What’s the motivation when your fuck friend sends you a message while you’re at home chilling? It’s sex, right? This is what you do together. Imagine your surprise when you receive a text message asking about your next naked appointment.

Although the rules of a fuckbuddy relationship are not written down, they can be understood. This includes the rule that you can’t hang out with someone who doesn’t have this type of relationship.

She is either unaware of the rule, or simply ignores it. However, this implies that she wants to spend more time with you. It is very difficult to spend time with someone this way without sharing your personal details and finding things you share. You believe that dating is the first step in a relationship.

Talk by Text or Phone

You can’t ignore your sexy friend over the phone. How would you arrange for her vitamin D appointments if you didn’t? The type of conversation you have with your partner says a lot regarding the dynamics between you.

Fuck friends don’t just text each other to have fun. They don’t even call one another to share their struggles and ask for advice. Friendships and other relationships are possible because of this.

It is difficult to talk on the phone because emotions, tone, pitch, and so forth, are all part of the conversation, making it even more personal.

You need two people to make a tango. So you can ignore her texts or correct her. You might come across as a jerk if you choose one of these options, but they will help you achieve your goal.

If you feel like you want to talk with her about her day or dreams, then you have crossed a threshold that you won’t be able to cross again. This is the beginning of a relationship!

The End of Sex

It is easy to define a fuckbuddy relationship by following a few steps.

  • Arrange for a meeting
  • Meet
  • Enjoy great sex
  • Leave
  • Continue

There are reasons to be concerned when steps keep being added to the equation. Lingering is one such step. Although you may have sex in a motel or hotel, it is likely that your preferred venue is your home or hers.

Those who don’t live in the house often leave after the cardio session. If that happens, you can start to think about what is going on. You might feel like she wants you to cuddle her or just lay down on your lap.

Whatever the reason, sentiment has been a key component of the arrangement. Because you have placed a subconscious value upon each other, you are not willing to part as much as you should.

Last Remarks

A fuck buddy relationship can be quite complicated. Living life to the fullest is dangerous when you share the most intimate activity of your relationship with someone you don’t really care about.

However, the emotions and other factors that come with sex can make it difficult to keep your relationship intact. You may eventually stop seeing her as a pleasure-seeking machine. To learn more, you can watch the video below.